The knowledgeable reinterpretation of designs from historic archives allows also the restyling of family

pieces in addition to an after

sales service for both

watches and jewels.


Each purchase has our certification of quality and craftsmanship and we can provide on request all  additional information or services that may be needed for both watches or jewelry.

Made in Italy

Our specialized workshops located solely in Italy make it possible to truly be part of the design process from the stone selection right to the final touches of polishing and quality control. 



Drawing on the knowledge from our history and being inspired every day by the colors & landscape here in Capri we truly feel each piece is something bespoke for each individual. 


Unique pieces that combine a great craftsmanship sometimes with a modern touch using diffefent materials and preciuos stones that are inspired from the sea as well as the natural beauty of Capri. Understated elegance, refinement and a taste for innovation, is what always drives La Campanina in the making of its jewelry.

History  of the Island as well as the Federico family is also a place where

La Campanina finds inspiration for newer designs. Every day being drawn to, or inspired by, things they see or a nostalgia from another era that bring new designs to life.  Weather its a flower or butterfly in a garden or a bell that is a symbolic to Capri. Every day there is something they are drawn to.




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 80073 Capri, Italy

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