Elegance & Beauty

Creating something with the past in our hearts while being mindful of the future. Ensuring each piece will be timeless as well as lasting

since 1950

We consider our jewelry as a symbol of the style one carries within. A way of self expression that is symbolic as well as endearing of moment in time that will be lasting & memorable.

 This very personal approach to the concept of luxury has made it possible to come up with collections always different and original. Leaving a great impact on our current as well as future clients year after year.

Since 1950 "La Campanina" jewelers has always pursued a clear vision through

 its stylish and attractive displays situated in the heart of Capri's shopping area on Via Vittorio Emanuele. Today we also offer a selection of some of the best names of the international watchmaking landscape, each with its own vision of quality, exclellence and innovation such as Rolex & Tudor.


   Fa' cio che ami. Fai in modo di 

coltivare una passione forte per qualcosa

che ti sta davvero a cuore


Sylvia Earle



t o g e t h e r

La Campanina

is an enterprise that looks towards the future. Welcoming on Alberto & Lina's grandchildren

Marcello and Roberta along with a wonderful as well as skilled staff, thereby guaranteeing both the continuity & history as well as innovation of this historic bespoke jeweler.


Do what you love. Doing

so by cultivating a strong passion for something you really care about

Sylvia Earle




 Via Vittorio Emanuele, 18

 80073 Capri, Italy

  tel +39 081 837 06 43  

Fax +39 081 837 89 40